24" Micro Weft - 30g

24" Micro Weft - 30g

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Length: 24 Inch

Color: Americano
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KOVI Micro Wefts are the newest addition to the KOVI family. If you love the thinness of hand-tied hair but wish you could custom cut and blend colors, these are the wefts you are looking for. Micro Wefts can be considered a hybrid between a hand-tied and Machine Weft with an ultra-thin weft that you can cut to fit your client's head perfectly. The thin wefts also give you the opportunity to blend multiple colors in each installed row for a natural look. 

Material 100% Remy Human Hair
Length 24 Inches
Weight 30g
Texture Silky Straight
Avg. Width Per Pack 25" Wide
Avg. Packs Per Install 7-9 Packs

Mixes well with Handtied wefts, machine wefts, and micro wefts

Cutting pointers: Can be cut anywhere along the weft. When cutting, we recommend making pieces with a 4" minimum width to maintain the integrity of the weft.

Lifespan:  Average 5-9 months. KOVI hair can last many months if cared for properly. To increase longevity we recommend trimming the hair every 3-4 months to keep the ends healthy. Refresh the color/tone as needed to maintain vibrancy. 

Coloring KOVI hair: Many stylists tone and color KOVI hair. Semi or Demi-permanent color is recommended. Permanent dye, bleach, lighteners, and perms are highly discouraged as they can damage the cuticle. KOVI recommends always doing a test strand to make sure you are happy with your results prior to applying color to all of your hair.  

Hair Care Tips:  hair care page.

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