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Shop our selection of professional installation and styling tools for hair extensions.


When you shop at Kovi, you can be assured you are investing in luxury Human Hair Extensions trusted by top Hair Extension Specialists.

● All our hair extensions are made from the highest quality 100% Human Remy Cuticle Hair

● We follow all of our hair closely through the manufacturing process to ensure each pack meets our high-quality standards.

● We offer next day delivery and in-store pickup so you can get your shipments quickly.

Are you a professional stylist? Apply for a pro account here for more perks.

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Want it tomorrow? Order by 4pm PST with Next Day Mail Service and get your hair as soon as tomorrow*!


We look good when you look good! Lets us help you find the perfect blend by emailing us a target photo. We will get right back to you with images of hand selected colors we think would be perfect!


Kovi is the highest quality human hair available on the market. Whether you are looking for Keratin-tips, Handtied Hair, Volume Wefts, Micro Wefts or I-tip hair- Kovi has it!


Want your hair today? Drop by our showroom in Costa Mesa, California to pick up your order.

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Hear What People Are Saying

Review Image
Alexis Valencia
I've tried so many different brands of extensions and I've never loved any more than Kovi! Not only are they a great price point but the quality is amazing for religious extension wearers!
Review Image
Bailey Huston
Love the wide selection of colors from Kovi hair, the quality also is stunning! Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for extensions!
Review Image
Alyssa Williams
Kovi hair extensions are luxurious and so well made! I had them placed in my hair for my wedding 6 months ago and they still look brand new! I absolutely love the colors - beach blonde and brûlée so stunning! Tease salon is my favorite and worth the drive from Los Angeles! Love all the girls here, especially Rianne!
Review Image
Christine Abbott
Love the quality of these extensions. The genuis wefts are the best. The hair lasts a very long time and stays silky smooth
Review Image
Nicole Hasty
The BEST hair I have ever tried! I live by this brand! The genius wefts are so comfortable in that I’m unable to wear anything but! The color selection is huge, and the quality of hair is amazing! Kovi is the best brand of hair, hands down would recommend to anyone looking for extensions!
Review Image
Megan Shadduck
Cannot recommend enough! The options are abundant for whatever shade and length combination you are looking for and the quality is AMAZING! The extensions I have gotten from them last a long time and always look amazing! They have also helped to improve the quality of my hair. I highly recommend Kovi to anyone interested!
Review Image
Natalie Frey
my favorite hair extensions ever !! the softest & most luxurious hair. the best quality & they last forever. they have such a wide range of colors & styles so there able to make any extensions blend perfectly. they look so beautiful & natural. i’ll never wear anything else !!!
Review Image
Shyann Singleton
KOVI hair is the highest quality hair. I’ve been using it for years and it stays silky smooth and soft for months. I always feel so luxurious with my kovi extensions, I’ve tried so many brands and they have not lasted or felt as nice as kovi. I’d you've been thinking about trying you won’t regret it.
Review Image
Sarah Sabet
I love my Kovi hair! It is the best and I get so many compliments
Review Image
Melanie Lee
Love their hair extensions, I have been using them for 10+ years and would not change. Owner pays close attention to what clients say about the hair, she ensures good quality in their product. Plus, there is such a variety to choose from!
Review Image
Kellie Reince
Kovi hair extensions are top quality and blend perfectly into my hair. They offer so many different colors too! Love them.
Review Image
Mary Knoob
Been using these extensions since they opened the business and love them. Good quality hair and a thin band for a fair price!
Review Image
Heather Banes
Kovi hair is amazing quality and holds up very well. They also have a wide variety of colors that they match perfectly to your current or desired color. Highly recommend!
Review Image
Jackie Rose
I love the high quality of this hair. They have literally every shade no matter what I’m feeling like to do to my hair. It’s so convenient walking just footsteps away and matching my hair with my amazing hairstylist taylor it’s a one stop shop and their hair is luxurious and soft.
Review Image
Kovi hair is exceptional! Gorgeous weight to the hair and color choices are phenomenal. Really lovely hair over all!
Review Image
Lisa Lee
They always have the hair I want in stock and have such a great selection!! I love how convenient it is attached to Tease salon! Makes getting new hair super easy!
Review Image
Arleen Bee
The quality of this hair is amazing. I have been wearing this brand for a few years. It’s so comfortable and the colors are amazing. Highly recommend!
Review Image
Courtney Baxter
I love this hair! I have been using it for years now and have never had any issues. Would highly recommend!
Review Image
Jessica Thaler
My favorite hair extensions! They always look so natural and I always receive compliments on them. I always recommend Kovi!
Review Image
Grace Hughlett
Best quality, always looks super natural and pretty and hold up really well! Love all the available blonde shades.
Review Image
Michelle Madden
Absolutely love, Kovi hair extensions. They look so natural and they last forever.💜💜
Review Image
Ana V
I love the quality of this hair! My last set lasted me over 9 months.
Review Image
Ryan Stouff
I love my extensions. They wear natural and do not tug on my hair. They last a long time, I get 6 months of wear on one set. Lots of color options. They blend great!
Review Image
KOVI has the largest selection I have ever seen - perfect since my blond hair has so many different color tones and can be tricky to color match. I had no trouble with mixing and matching and my hair looks beyond natural- it’s perfect!
Review Image
Taylor Even
I have been wearing these hair extensions for almost a year now and i get compliments all time how real they look. This hair blends so well into your own hair and is super natural. The weight of the hair is amazing and no damage.
Review Image
Kerry O'Connell
Love the Kovi volume genius wefts!!! They are the most comfortable hair extensions I’ve ever worn and so easy to install. Hair quality is amazing!!! Highly recommend!!!
Review Image
Jessica Mendes
I’ve been wearing love hair for over a year now and nobody can tell I have hair extensions. It looks so natural and is very lightweight and comfortable. I have done tape ins before and this beaded weft method is the best!
Review Image
Julia Bowers
Kovi hair extensions are the best extensions i have ever tried! They last me up to a year and the price is extremely reasonable compared to every other place i have been (LA and DC included). They have almost every single color you could want to match your natural hair!
Review Image
Camille Conover
I have bought Hair from Kovi Hair and I love my Kovi Hair 💖 it’s real for me to get real💓💕🌈
Review Image
Sandis Nikravi
Started using Kovi hair a few weeks ago and I love the quality. I was getting tired of using some of the other well-known hair brands out there, all overhyped on social media. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!
Review Image
Danielle Werther
I’ve been using this hair for over 2 years and it’s such good quality and the colors are amazing with so many options to find the perfect one for you. The girls in the hair room are super helpful and kind!
Review Image
Ali Mardian
I’ve been using Kovi hair extensions for years and plan on using them for the rest of my life. Great quality!