Hair Care Instructions

Suggested Hair Care Instructions

Suggested hair care may change from time to time as new products become available. Please refer back to this list of instructions often to check for updates.
  • Hair extensions require styling to get them to blend with your natural hair. Please be prepared for that responsibility when making the decision to get hair extensions. This may consist of round brushing, flat ironing and or curling the hair along with your natural hair to create a seamless blend.
  • Hair extensions should always be installed by a licensed and extension certified hair stylists. All installations are done at your own risk. KOVI HAIR  makes no promises to your results.
  • To prepare your hair to have extensions installed you should freshly wash your hair with a good clarifying shampoo. Condition only the mids to ends of your hair and do not apply any additional products.
  • Never sleep with wet hair
  • Regular washing of your hair should be only once every 2-4 days and we suggest only using Alterna Caviar shampoos and conditioners in the Bond Repair or Moisturizing style. We also highly recommend 7 seconds leave-in conditioner by Unite to keep the hair soft and easy to comb through.
  • If you have oily hair, we highly recommend using a dry shampoo in between washing. You may also choose to wash just the top of your natural hair for quick refresh.
  • Brush the hair every morning and night as well as every time it’s washed. It is very important to keep hair thoroughly brushed out daily to avoid tangles and/or matting. We recommend a Wet Brush  
  • Swimming tips- salt water and chlorine can be hard on hair. Immerse your hair in fresh water prior to swimming. Never wear your hair in a braid or messy bun for water activities. We have found that a low ponytail is the best way to avoid tangles in the water. After putting it in a ponytail you may also use a clip to further secure hair to your head. Spray in 7 seconds leave in conditioner and brush out immediately after getting out of the water.
  • We do not recommend coloring extensions. Any coloring you choose to do is at your own risk. Coloring hair extensions voids all warranties.
  • Discolored hair is usually from mineral deposits. A light green tone would likely be caused by chlorine. Peach hair is usually caused by one of the following: iron deposits, spray tans, makeup, and spray sunscreens. If you think you have a mineral deposit we would recommend doing a Malibu treatment to remove the minerals.
  • Light shedding is normal with all hair extensions.
  • For Keratin Bonded methods such as flat-tip and u-tip hair:
    - Make sure the bonds are thoroughly melted and fused on to the natural hair
    - Dry the root area after water exposure to avoid damage due to prolonged water exposure 
    - Avoid contact between the bonds and hot tools which can melt the bonds