KOVI 20" Keratin V-tips Hair Silky Straight
KOVI keratin tips are the highest quality keratin tipped hair available on the market. Keratin tipped hair is installed strand-by-strand for a completely customized look. Bundles can be purchased in many colors and blended perfectly to match your clients hair. KOVI...
from $70.00
KOVI 20" I-tip Hair Silky Straight
KOVI I-tips are the highest quality I-tip hair available on the market. I-tip hair is installed strand-by-strand for a completely customized look. Bundles can be purchased in many colors and blended perfectly to match your clients' hair.    100% Cuticle Remy Human Hair  Strands per...
from $70.00
20" Handtied Wefts 2-bundles per pack
KOVI Handtied hair is the thinnest and most comfortable of all weft types on the market. Handtied wefts are each made by hand to form the thinnest weft available today. These wefts are durable and can be stacked to produce beautiful custom blends...
$130.00 from $117.00
20" Micro Weft - 30g
KOVI Micro wefts are the newest addition to the KOVI family. If you love thinness of  handtied hair but wish you could custom cut and blend colors these are the wefts you are looking for. Micro wefts can be thought of...
from $115.00
KOVI 20" Volume Weft 145g
KOVI Volume Wefts are designed for maximum impact volume. Our volume wefts are a triple weft construction that strategically arranges three wefts to lie flat together for maximum fullness. KOVI Hair Extensions are made with 100% remy human hair. Our...
$545.00 from $495.00
KOVI 20" Lace Flat Weft
KOVI Lace Wefts are one of the newest weft types on the market and provide high impact fullness without bulk. Lace wefts are highly sought after due to their ultra flat construction and lasting durability. Hair is sealed in the weft and...
$200.00 $150.00
Stainless Steel Pro Link/Lock CLAW Opener
Professional salon set of specially designed openers for microtubes,  microlinks, and locks. Insert one claw into each side of the link and crimp pliers to open all types of links and locks.
from $25.00
Black Hair Extension Iron with Temperature Control
Black Hair Extension Iron with Temperature control. This flat platted iron is the most sought after style of hair extension iron. Works with both U-tip and Flat-tip bonds Heats in 60 seconds Temp: 280 / 320F
D-Lux 16" I-tip Silky Straight Hair
D-LUX is a high end brand of professional hair extensions that last 6-9 months when maintenance properly.  - 16" Each bundle is approximately 30 strands and weighs approximately 15 grams. - 20" Each bundle is approximately 32 strands and weighs approximately...
$28.00 from $10.00
D-LUX Lace Flat Wefts - 60g 16"/20"/22"
D-LUX Lace Wefts offer the flattest, most comfortable weft available on the market today. New technology has reduced the bulkiness of the weft by removing the return or “folded over hair” at the top which allows for an extra flat...
$165.00 from $90.00
$210.00 from $50.00
Bohyme Gold is some of the best Remi Hair wefts that money can buy. Silky Straight is one of Bohyme's® most popular and iconic remi hair looks.  It has a sleek, straight style with luxurious, breathtaking texture that is signature...
$210.00 from $50.00
D-LUX Machine Wefts - 60g 16"/22"
Weight: 2oz / 60grams Texture: Straight   Mixes well with: Handtied wefts, Lace wefts, and Micro wefts Cutting pointers: Can be cut anywhere along the weft. When cutting, we recommend making pieces with a 4" minimum width to maintain the integrity...
from $42.50
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