Before and After Gallery

Do you ever go for the big chop and feel that instant regret? Don't worry girl, us too. When that happens you have two choices: Get your Kylie Jenner on and invest in a wig collection OR our personal favorite is get the length you always wanted with some high quality extensions.

We can't believe these amazing transformations using Your Hair Shop Extensions. A few hours in a chair and a poof, your hair can be as long as you want!


1. From Pretty to Pretty Incredible!

This look is stunning, it blends so effortlessly! Kelli used our 22" D-Lux Machine Wefts to achieve this look.


2. Going, Going, BLONDE

This transformation from color to extensions is so good we can't stop looking at it! Jessica used our 16" MOXI Flat Keratin Tip Hair to achieve this natural look!


3. Star Studded Locks 

Caelynn Miller Keyes is already gorgeous and these 22" YHS Clip Ins installed by Kristin. Want to look ready for your close up? Shop our lashes for that glamorous red carpet look. 


 4. Full and Flirty

We adore this transformation because the highlights in the color and extensions really bring out her eye color! Sibella used our 22" D-Lux Machine Wefts for this one.


5. Started From the Pixie Now We're Here! 

Ashley really went all out with this look! Four rows of 20" D-Lux Machine Wefts later and this is the stunning result. 


 6. Give Us ALL The Length

We looked up stunning in the dictionary and found this pic! Kayla used 3 rows of our 22" D-Lux Machine Wefts to give her client tons of fullness and length.


7. OMG Ombre

Adding extensions to create dimension and color is one of the best ways to achieve a natural ombre effect! Lexie does an amazing job with this using our 22" D-Lux Machine Wefts


8. Turn Up the Drama 

We are loving the look of our 20" D-Lux Machine Wefts to add a lot of volume and drama to her natural look. Jessica did an amazing job on this brunette babe!


9. Long Hair DO Care

These next two examples done by Kristin really prove how beautiful and natural extensions can look if they are high quality and installed by an expert. These are 4 rows of 22" D-Lux Machine Wefts 


10. Transformation of the Century

This is what we mean by hair extensions can change lives. Kristin out shined herself by tackling this tough color correction and flawless extension install. She used our most popular 22" D-Lux Machine Wefts for this look!