Deciding to Wear Hair Extensions On Your Big Day

Should You Wear Hair Extensions at your Wedding?

Should you wear extensions at your wedding?

When considering what hairstyles to wear on your wedding day, many factors are at play. Do you want to have your hair up or down? Do you want to wear cute wedding hair accessories? What kind of veil do you have? 

One thing that doesn't need to be put up for debate is that you want to feel like the most beautiful version of yourself. If you're the kind of bride who always envisioned themselves with long, luscious hair, consider hair extensions on your wedding day. 

Here are some reasons why you should wear hair extensions on your wedding day and how to best prepare if you do choose to get extensions.


Hair that lasts as long as your wedding.

The best reason to have extensions for your wedding is that extensions have much more hold than natural hair. Installing high-quality extensions can easily hold curls, braids, and pins for your wedding.

Your beautiful curls will last from the first look to your last dance. And if you're a bride with hair prone to falling, this is a must for you.

Extensions take the cake with a long-lasting grip when pinning clips or your veil. The thickness of your extensions makes it far easier to find places to pin and give you a look that lasts all night.


Your hair will photograph better.

A picture is worth a thousand words; your photos will have your hair do the talking. When you have extensions in place, they will make your hair look longer and fuller, giving you an overall more youthful look.

Your hair color will pop in your photos and videos because of high-quality extensions. Once styled, your hair extensions will make your curls look fuller and your hair shinier.

In each and every picture (even the inevitable cake in the face pic!), your hair will frame your face and capture your radiating beauty on that day.


More options for hairstyles to choose from

With length comes options! There are countless ways to style your hair once you get your desired length and fullness. Here are some of our favorite looks to do with long, luscious locks:

A Modern and Sexy Hairstyle



Gorgeous braided bun 



 Va-va-volume barbie



 Effortless looking boho braid



No one regrets getting extensions on their wedding day.

We have seen many brides come in and get extensions for their big day. Not a single one has regretted doing it. If anything, we've seen more brides wish their hair was LONGER for their wedding to give more of a princess feeling.


How to get hair extensions on your wedding day

Now that you've decided you want hair extensions, how do you decide what to do next? We wrote a blog on 5 Questions to Answer Before Getting Extensions so you can decide which method makes the most sense for you with your stylist.


Are you ready to consider extensions for the magical day? Buy KOVI Hair extensions for the best quality hair you can get, and receive the luxurious locks you deserve.

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