7 Hair Color Trends You'll Be Seeing Everywhere Fall 2023

7 Hair Color Trends You'll Be Seeing Everywhere Fall 2023

Fall is the perfect time to experiment with new hair trends and embrace the cozy, warm colors that reflect the beauty of this season. From the famous Cowboy Copper to the classic Cherry Cola hair, KOVI hair has the 7 hair color trends you'll be seeing EVERYWHERE this fall.

Cowboy Copper:

If you've been hearing "Cowboy Copper" everywhere on TikTok there's a good reason. This trend blends brighter oranges with deep, warm coppers to create a stunning hair color reminiscent of a blazing bonfire on a crisp fall evening. 



 Get the look KOVI style using color "Copper":



Mahogany Balayage:

For those who prefer a more subtle transformation, a mahogany balayage offers a touch of autumnal elegance. This trend involves adding mahogany and deep red hues to your hair in a balayage technique, creating a seamless transition from natural color to these warm, inviting shades. 



Dimensional Black Hair:

While dark, jet-black hair is a timeless classic, this fall sees a twist on the traditional. Dimensional black hair incorporates subtle hints of color, such as a lighter brunette shade, to add depth and intrigue to your locks.



Get the look KOVI style using color "Havana":




Chocolate Auburn Hair:

Chocolate auburn hair is a rich and luxurious choice for fall. Combining deep brown tones with hints of auburn and red, this color creates a luscious, indulgent look that pairs perfectly with cozy sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes. 



Cherry Cola Hair:

If you're craving a bold, vibrant look this fall, cherry cola hair is a fantastic choice. This trend combines deep, sultry reds with dark brown and black shades to create a striking, almost purple red appearance. 




Rose Brown:

Rose brown hair is a softer, more delicate option for those who want to embrace fall's romantic side. This trend blends pale pink and rose gold tones with brown hair, resulting in a warm, rosy hue that's both feminine and captivating. 



Cinnamon Spice:

Last but not least, cinnamon spice hair is a deliciously warm and inviting choice for the fall season. This trend incorporates cinnamon, ginger, and copper shades to create a hair color reminiscent of autumn leaves and pumpkin pie.



Whether you opt for the fiery Cowboy Copper, the subtle elegance of Mahogany Balayage, or the bold allure of Cherry Cola hair, there's a trend to suit every style and personality. With these trends, you'll turn heads and make a statement wherever you go this fall. Don't forget to use KOVI hair extensions to add a new length to your new color for the full fall makeover.

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