Common Hair Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Hair

5 Common Hair Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Hair

Ever looked at Kim K's flawless hair and wished yours could be just as amazing? We totally get it – having your own stylist like the celebs might not be in the cards for most of us.

But guess what? You don't need a personal glam squad to rock stunning locks. At KOVI, we're all about making your hair dreams come true. We're spilling the tea on the five common hair mistakes that might be ruining your hair, and we've got some awesome tips to help you go from frizz to fabulous. 

Before and After of Woman's Brunette Hair From Behind

1. Beware the Cotton Pillow Case Trap

Brace yourself, for this revelation may startle you. If your hair resembles a case of electric shock more often than not, it's time to consider a switch from your standard cotton pillowcase to the plush embrace of satin. The unsuspecting culprit behind those bad hair days could very well be the rough cotton pillowcase. Allow your locks to rest on satin's gentle surface and finally say goodbye to frizz and hello to fabulous!

Pink Silk Pillowcase



2. Shampoo Wisely, Not Wildly

Let's unravel a widely held misconception – shampooing excessively isn't the secret to hair nirvana. Contrary to popular belief, your hair craves the natural oils that are part and parcel of its essence. Excessive shampooing doesn't merely cleanse; it also strips your hair of its precious oils, rendering it parched and brittle. Exercise discernment and opt for a high-quality shampoo.


3. Tender Towel Alternatives:

Save your towels for the sun-soaked shores. In the realm of hair drying, a standard towel can prove a rough adversary. Its abrasive nature tugs and torments your delicate strands, culminating in a saga of desiccation and breakage. A far gentler ally awaits in the form of an old yet pristine t-shirt. Dab and caress your hair to embrace the delicate dance of drying sans drama.




5. Wet Hair, Weak Caution

Something most people don't know – wet hair is remarkably fragile. Reconsider that impulsive urge to corral your damp tresses into an up do or wield a brush with haste. Patience will be your bestie. Allow your hair the luxury of drying fully before subjecting it to styling endeavors. The dividends will manifest in healthier, happier locks.


6. Heat, Meet Protection

If there's one major tip you should take away from this article it's that you should always protect your hair from heat! It's best advised to never use styling tools without a heat protectant. Doing so could result in some terrible hair damage including the dreaded split ends. 

 There we have some of the most common mistakes that can ruin your hair. We hope you take your new stylist approved info and have your best hair days ever. If you're looking for a little extra spice to add to your locks, try KOVI Hair. Hair extensions can easily make for that perfect hair you've been dreaming of.

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