10 Scary Good Halloween Hair Ideas

10 Scary Good Halloween Hair Ideas

With pumpkin spice season in full effect and Halloween drawing near, it's time to let your hair down—literally! Being a Halloween hottie doesn't start and end with your costume. Whether you're channeling your inner Barbie, Gothic Princess, or mythical creature, our 10 Scary Good Halloween Hair Ideas promise to add an extra layer of enchantment to your Halloween ensemble.


Spider Web Ponytail 

Create a spooky and stylish spider web ponytail using this tutorial! You can also explore variations, such as adding spider accessories or incorporating different textures into the ponytail.



Vintage Barbie Bangs 

We are all going as Barrie this year, right? If so, take a nostalgic trip back to the 1950s with the classic Barbie-inspired hairstyle.




Rapunzel's floral braid

This style is fit for a princess! Add some extra flair to your braid by incorporating flowers and butterfly clips for the full effect. 




Witching Hour Magic Mane 

Want to achieve a more mystical and enchanting look this Halloween? Consider going as a more modern version of a witch.



Queen of Halloween Hair

Celebrate the Halloween season with a royal touch. Incorporate elements like tiaras, dark ribbons, or even ghostly accessories to add a Halloween flair.




Cowboy Barbie Beach Waves 

Hi Barbie! Of course we couldn't include just one Barbie look. Especially because these blonde beachy waves are our fave!



 Achieve this look with KOVI Hair Extensions: 






Blast from the past: Farrah Fawcett's hair 

Take a journey back to the '70s with a deep dive into Farrah Fawcett's iconic hairstyle.



Dye-ing for This Hair!

Ready to make a big statement this Halloween? Have your stylist go all the way with long and colorful extensions that will have you turning heads this season.



Eeek, but Chic Spider Hair

Embrace the spooky season with a chic spider-inspired hairstyle. Balance between creepy and stylish for a Halloween-ready look.




Fairy goddess, Light up hair!

Take hair styling to the next level with a fairy goddess-inspired look that includes light-up elements. Talk about magical!



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